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New Manager Training

Having trouble with your managers?

My managers expect me to solve their problems.
My managers feel overworked and are not getting things done.
There is turnover in my manager's department due to behavioral issues.

They might need training.

Managers are often promoted based on success in their previous roles.

These new and first-time managers might be good project managers, but they often struggle with managing people

They struggle with delegating tasks so they feel overworked and projects don’t end up completed on time.

When they need to have tough conversations or give feedback, they send the employees to you.


Hi! I'm Robin Weeks.

I am an executive coach and manager trainer.

I have over 20 years of experience working with executives and facilitating training programs at Fortune 500 companies.

My Pivotal Point was created to provide small business executives and managers with the skills to effectively manage their employees.

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New Manager Training

The Foundational Learning Series is an 8-Part training series tailored for new managers and managers in a new role.

The series will equip your managers with the skills to provide feedback, have tough conversations, delegate tasks, lead a team, and much more.

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