Caregiving Role

Personalized membership program to help you achieve harmony as a family caregiver


Harmony and Alignment

Magical things happen when you're in harmony and alignment. Both bring a sense of flow, and when you're in flow, even the hard stuff feels manageable. You're able to find calm, clarity, and courage. With the transformative coaching in the PATH program, I'll show you how to align your mind, body, heart, and spirit so you can embrace the challenges that naturally arise as a family caregiver.









I really appreciate her laid back style, and the amount of resource materials that she provides. Not only are you getting the one on one experience with her, but she is always checking in, constantly sending me up to date resources. She is just a valuable resource.


I spent years
overwhelmed and exhausted......

I did the whole research thing; I pored over resources in a maze of possibilities, I toured facilities and attended workshops... so YOU don't have to.

I took the long way to figuring out how to balance caregiving with everything else...

And now I've taken everything I learned, thrown out everything that didn't work, and put the rest into a single, comprehensive program.

The result is the My Pivotal Point Membership Program.

An intensive network of loving support, valuable resources, to-the-point guides, practical tools, and professional experts designed to help you achieve harmony and balance quickly.

Here's how it al breaks down...

Module 1

Early Signs


We'll discuss the myriad ways caregiving will impact your life, and make plans for how to prepare for changes along the way. We'll clarify what it means to be a caregiver and evaluate your evolving sense of identity.

Module 2

Your Aging Parents


We'll apply effective communication skills to engage in tough conversations, as well as break down the different roles, responsibilities, and expectations related to caregiving.

Module 3

What to Prepare For


You'll develop the skills to accurately evaluate information and resources so that you can make informed decisions. We'll design a system to track important information as your loved one ages to alleviate stress and wasted time.

Module 4

Health and Safety


We'll make a plan for the various ways to accommodate your loved one's health and safety as emerging needs develop. We'll analyze options for care and living conditions, and build arrangements for respite care.

Module 5

Finding Your Village


You'll enable support teams and family to take on critical roles in the caregiving process. You'll learn how to delegate and rely on others for help, and select appropriate tools to aid in the entire caregiving process.

Module 6

Nurturing Yourself


You'll employ a variety of self-preservation techniques, including boundary-setting and self-care, so that you're able to sustain your caregiving role with joy & health.

Module 7

When Bodies Fail


You'll discover how to utilize healthcare staff to best support you, and better understand how to analyze medical information for accuracy. You'll examine the stages of grief, and form coping skills to assist in the months & years to follow.

Module 8

Being in the Moment


You'll know how to optimize time so that you can enter the last stage of caregiving with ease. You'll capture the legacy of your loved one and choose a way to honor this part of your life so that you can move forward with greater peace.

Module 9

Life After Caregiving


You'll know how to reframe your caregiving experience to emphasize its gifts, assess and integrate the new skills formed throughout your caregiving experience, & prepare for how life will look this day onward.

Module 10

Where to Start


You'll gain awareness of the tools available to support working family caregivers, evaluate your company's areas to build upon, and launch an organizational needs assessment.

Module 11

Tools for Managers


You'll curate an inclusive environment for caregiver employees to share their experiences openly, and aid in employee development through a resource hub.

Module 12

A Caregiver's World


You'll design systems to reduce the amount of disruption caregiving has on the workplace, reflect on and expand workplace policies, and then celebrate the victories brought forth.



Get the Membership Companion Guidebook!

In addition to the incredible video content, community forum, guest interviews, expert workshops, Q&A sessions, and more, you'll also get a copy of my Companion Guidebook!

Inside you'll find:
-Cheat Sheets
-Fun Assignments
-Example Scripts
-Spaces to Practice and Reflect
So Much More!

Program Explanations

Care Buddy Extra Support:

Caregiving can be a lonely journey. Having someone walk the path alongside you who understands can make the burden feel a little lighter. Based on a profile you submit, we will match you to someone with similar caregiving responsibilities and interests so that you have your own Support Buddy.

Coping with Grief Program:
This virtual grief support group is offered twice a year in the spring and the fall for 6 weeks. We will hold live, one-hour conversations on Zoom each week.

Coping with Grief is designed to help individuals who have experienced the death of someone significant to them. Participants will:

  • Receive support from others who have experienced a similar loss
  • Learn about the grief journey
  • Explore ways to remember and memorialize your loved one
  • Handle conflicting emotions that may range from anger, sadness, guilt, relief, and hopelessness
  • Map resources, people, and processes for your journey
  • Discover healthy ways to express grief

One-on-One Grief Support: 

As a Certified Grief Facilitator, I will walk you through the difficult and emotional process of grief. Whether you have lost a loved one recently or decades ago, or are anticipating the death of someone you care for, I offer 45-minute individual sessions for anyone who would like help processing and moving through grief.

Virtual Retreat: 

Every year, we offer a 2-day virtual retreat focused on four domains of caregiver wellness: physical, financial, emotional, and spiritual. The retreat will feature guest speakers, workshops and Q&A with experts.

Caregiver + Elder MAP Time:

For our Legacy members, we offer a unique opportunity for caregivers AND those they care for to connect with the larger membership community. In these weekly gatherings, we will spend 30 minutes engaged in stimulating music, art, and/or physical activities designed for all physical and cognitive levels. Come enjoy a casual half hour of guided fun!


As a member, you’ll have your own login portal. From there, you’ll be able to access the video
modules, workbooks, training materials, private forum, call recordings, and more. Caregiving is hard
and there are many unexpected events. We designed this program for your world, which is why you
can access material from anywhere at any time.

No, the word “therapy” implies a need for healing. Coaching is not about healing, but about building
on the health that is already present. While therapy spends a great deal of time delving into the past,
coaching is heavily oriented toward the future. Starting with the “here and now,” it looks at where
you want to go and helps you pull together the resources to get there.

I will do everything possible to exceed your expectations, including provide you with personalized
coaching, resources, and support. I’ll also invite you to provide feedback and suggestions to make the
experience as beneficial as possible. However, I understand that it won’t be a fit for everyone. In that
case, you can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

The short answer is anyone who currently provides care for an aging loved one — or who anticipates
doing so in the next 5 to 10 years. More specifically, coaching is about change, so people who are
most successful in the PATH program are those that are ready to actively take steps to achieve the
outcomes they desire. This membership isn’t a sit-and-listen program; it’s full of practical, hands-on
tools and techniques.

I have designed this to support caregivers through the entire continuum of the caregiving experience.
Whether you’re just starting to recognize that your role might include elements of caregiving in the
near future, or you’ve been the primary caregiver for a number of years and have recently
experienced a loved one’s death, there are resources, coaching, and supports specifically for you.

Absolutely! I understand that we can only do so much at once, especially when we’re trying to juggle
caregiving with all the other roles we play. That’s why we record every group call and workshop —
that way you can access the recordings later, on your own time and schedule.

One of my favorite things to do is draw upon the collective wisdom of others. As such, I bring
together the skills and knowledge of professionals in a variety of industries, including legal, financial,
healthcare, housing, and more. These men and women come from all over the world to bring you
cutting edge insight that matters most to caregivers and emerging caregivers today.

Yes! At My Pivotal Point, we take a proactive approach to aging care. We believe it’s best to plan and
prepare AHEAD OF TIME to avoid being thrust into the role like a deer in the headlights. That way no
one is left scrambling for information, support, answers, and help in the middle of a crisis. It also
allows your loved one to be an active participant in the whole process, which lessens stress and feels
far more empowering.