Robin Weeks


It's simple.

My mission keeps me focused and determined. My vision provides constant fuel. And my values set the PATH forward.

Since being thrown into caregiving in 2011, I have set out to disrupt the caregiving industry.

A parent’s terminal illness has a way of bringing pause. A way of prompting us to reconsider our priorities.

Only months into the journey as Primary Caregiver for my mother, I was exhausted.

I realized that in order to manage my mother’s needs, I needed to be well.

I needed to set and enforce boundaries.
I needed to take care of myself.

And importantly, I needed to become proactive instead of reactive.

I became a Communications Specialist when navigating the healthcare system.

I became an Advocate as I considered tough situations and made decisions.

And I became a Program Coordinator as I facilitated a myriad of departments, services, and people.


But Never Leave Yourself Behind

Maybe you’ve been promised support before. But then the agencies, social workers, therapists, and self-help gurus you’ve interacted with came and went with no lasting change to be seen.

As a former caregiver and certified caregiver coach, I will guide you through experiential activities, such as meditation, difficult conversations, and journaling. I will also provide you with the coaching, support, and resources to foster your understanding and help you through the whole caregiving experience.

Being a family caregiver is to be in a constant state of love, compassion, guilt, exhaustion, selflessness, and stress. The truth is, this will touch you in a way nothing else will. But the truth is also that you must never leave yourself behind.