What is a Caregiving Consultant?

  • I have been trained specifically in the coaching, listening and questioning skills that caregivers need.
  • I can provide you with answers to your questions, support for your frustrations, worries and stress.
  • Finding the right resources for your caree can be just one more thing to do as a caregiver. I can help you find what you need, brainstorm problems and solutions.
  • Navigating the healthcare industry can bring you to tears. I can help you work within this system to get the results and answers you need.
  • As a caregiver you will have so many doubts, worries about making the right decisions and crisis’. I can be there as your personal support.
  • I have tools that we can use together to support you in this journey.
  • As a former caregiver, “I GET IT!” My experiences as a caregiver are what help me to help you.


A tough Balancing Act: Family Caregivers in the Workplace

By 2030 one in 5 Americans will be 65+, this population will double over the next decade becoming the largest % of population.

10+million Millennials are unpaid family caregivers, 1 in 4, spending an average of 20-30 hours per week providing unpaid care.

Many family caregivers in the workplace are not supported by any employer offered benefits. They often don’t tell managers or executives that they are struggling with balancing work and caregiving responsibilities.


The challenges of being a family caregiver in the workplace are many;

  • Sudden departures from work
  • Coming in late to work
  • Taking an elder parent or grand parent to
  • Dr. appointments
  • Making calls on behalf of your care
  • Fatigue and stress

All of these things can compromise not only the employee but come at a cost to the employer.

Learn More: Click here for Statistics on Employee Caregivers and the Cost to Employers

For Employers

You can learn more about ways to support family caregivers and retain valuable talent. To begin the process, take a look at the study and assessment by AARP.

Complimentary assessment of family caregivers in your workplace (Click here to access AARP’s workplace assessment).

Contact me to review your results and explore options.

Family Caregiver Support Benefits
  • Caregiver Support Groups
  • Resources
  • One on One Coaching

Educational Classes

There are so many facets of being a family caregiver and so much out there to sift through. These are a few classes to offer to your employees to help them gain some control of a tough situation.

The Awkward Conversation

DNR, Living Will, Will, POA, Hospice

Tools and techniques for approaching your parents on these topics and the necessity of doing it before a crisis.

Your Caregiving Team
How to put together a team from a disparate group of people, what to do when things shift and you need different team members, how to assess who should be on your team. Creating different teams for different needs.

Understanding how your personality and behaviors can help or hinder your caregiving responsibilities. Asking for help, burnout, stress, compassion fatigue.

Critical Thinking
How to problem solve in difficult situations, making the best decisions possible under stressful circumstances.

Local Resources & Technology
Local resources, new technology for both you and your loved one.

Family Dynamics
Family members both near and far can be a great help or interference. Keeping family members informed is important and establishing boundaries is key.

The Caregiving Years
A six-part seminar on the stages of caregiving designed by Denise Brown of the CareYearsAcademy.

Private Caregiving Support
  • One on One coaching, support, resources
  • Contact me for a complimentary 30-minute consultation to learn about your biggest challenges.

  • Caregivers in the Workplace, the hidden cost
  • I Didn’t Intend on Becoming my Parent’s Caregiver?
  • Family Dynamics
  • A Caregiver’s Journey
  • How is Technology Helping Our Growing Elderly Population?
  • Choosing an Assisted, Nursing or Independent Living Facility: They are not all created equal.
  • The Six Stages of Caregiving