Forgiveness! 21 Days To Break The Cycle Of Unresolved Pain That Is Stealing Your Joy




Hello, friend!
Let me ask you a question: Do you tend to dwell on past
mistakes or hold grudges when people do something wrong
against you? You’re not alone if you answered yes but I’d like
you to consider how much stress and resentment you’d let out
of your life if you chose a path of forgiveness instead.
We’re human. It’s natural to feel hurt or betrayed when a
trusted colleague, family member, or friend betrays us. But
think how much freer you’ll feel if you choose to forgive those
who betray or wrong you.
Understand that forgiveness doesn’t always come easily. With
this workbook you’ll have the basis for a forgiveness ritual
that you can spend 10-15 minutes on every day. With enough
practice – and enough desire to forgive those on your list – a
forgiveness ritual will become easier to work into your daily
life. You’ll also find that forgiveness comes much easier the
more frequently you offer it.
Lastly, it bears repeating that forgiveness does NOT mean
you condone any bad behavior of others and you absolutely
do not absolve anyone of their responsibility of hurting you.
Forgiveness is a process for YOU to move past the hurt
feelings and no longer hold any grudges.
Are you ready to get started?