Become a Better Manager.
Become a Better Individual.

Professional Coaching

Coaching helps individuals and teams to remove obstacles so they can be more productive and lead a happier life.

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Manager Training

Train your managers to build talent, have tough conversations, and communicate and lead.

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I have helped companies and individuals:

  • Train new managers and managers in a new role.

The Foundational Learning Series is a collection of classes that equip your managers to handle the responsibilities of managing employees and processes.

  • Implement a succession plan

Are you prepared for the loss of a top performer? Build a succession plan to prepare your future leaders for their next role.

  • Alter Company Culture

Individual and group coaching sessions, standardized processes, and teambuilding activities can build or change a company culture.

  • Increase retention

Employee engagement, support from management, and professional development go a long way to make an employee feel that they are in the right place for their career and self-development.

  • Hire the right people

The Big Five personality test and behavioral interviewing can help ensure that you find someone who will fit your company culture.

  • Adapt company and management structure due to growth

Growing companies and companies that have been acquired have to rapidly adjust their organizational structure to meet the new demands.

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