Remove Obstacles Preventing You or Your Team From Reaching Your Goals

Benefits of Coaching

  • Brainstorming sessions to improve decisions and prioritize time.
  • Improving role as leader/coach of managers instead of task master.
  • Managing stress and work/life balance in order to be more productive and engaged.
  • Improving hiring and personnel development processes.
  • Improved performance management; addressing poor performance in a timely manner,
    assessing right job/right person and making adjustments.
  • Focusing on the right things.
  • Making time to focus on strategic initiatives.

Professional Coaching for Individuals

The Big Five is the foundation of my coaching. Understanding how you are hard wired to operate is the key to learning how to effectively manage your behaviors, strengths and management style. If you are looking for a career change, the Big Five can help guide you to the best place for your strengths.

  • Coaching for individuals in career transition.
  • Coaching for managers and executives.
  • Group coaching post training to ensure transference and application of learning.

Case Study: A manager who spent his valuable time painting a line across the factory floor.

Case Study: Joan leaves her familiar career to move across the country to follow her passions.

Talent Development

Leadership Retreats

Have you recently added reorganized or want better communication among your leadership team? Leadership retreats take your team off-site to create synergy and strategic alignment.

Team Building Programs

Team building activities help teams see how their behaviors are productive or nonproductive. It will cover how to make decisions, how to lead, how to communicate, and how to build trust.


Do you need an outside expert to help your team function? An outside facilitator an help a team plan, look at their mission/vision statement, and facilitate a conversation with a dysfunctional team.
Case Study: A group coaching session starts a department on the journey from red to green.

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