New Manager Training

Foundational Learning for Leaders ©

Build Manager strength through leadership development of Foundational skills.

Train your managers to build talent, have tough conversations, and communicate and lead.


Common challenges new mangers and leaders face:

  • "One of my employees has behavioral issues."
  • "I've told my employees what to do but they're not following through."
  • "Some members of my team aren't getting along."

Lack of management/leadership skills can lead to:

  • High turnover is one of your departments.
  • A manager working long hours due to poor delegation.
  • A lack of internal candidates ready for promotion.

Many managers are not prepared with the people skills to lead and develop their teams.

Companies in growth phases are accessed by investors, not only for financial performance of the company, but also the ability of the workforce to meet increased demands for productivity and growth. Strong managers are the key to building talent, meeting goals, and setting expectations by example.

What's the solution?

Many of your managers have probably come up "through the ranks" and have been promoted due to strong individual contributions. Some have never had aspirations to manage other people.

As businesses grow, those individuals get promoted into managerial roles without learning how to manage people instead of tasks.

With proper training, they can learn to coach, build talent, have tough conversations, and communicate expectations.

That's why I developed the Foundational Learning Series.

Foundational Learning for Leaders ©

In my experience working with HR managers, I found that many small businesses and hypergrowth companies do not have training in place for new managers or managers new to their role.

The series is a set of interactive sessions in which participants bring real time situations to class.

The participants take what they learn from the classroom, readings, and homework and apply the learning in real time in their daily management practices.

I then provide group coaching sessions to provide participants with real time practice at coaching and solving problems.

In past classes I have seen managers share problems and build camaraderie amongst managers from other areas of the business. I have seen changes in how they manage their teams and increased awareness about how they lead.

 “Not only did the class help me grow professionally but also personally.  It was inspirational, fun and provided a time to bond with co-workers throughout our series of learning.”

“The series of classes helped me identify areas I needed strengthening and really helped me to improve my management skills.”

“The well-structured curriculum maintains a fluidity that encourages free exchange of ideas and support between classmates, further developing solid working relationships with fellow managers.”

The series is designed to build on learning in a sequential manner, beginning with Self Awareness/Management.The Series ends with each cohort member presenting a Capstone Project that demonstrates how they have use their skills and learning to improve specific business conditions.

Here is a summary of the series and modules:

Foundational Learning Series I